Milford Professional Solutions Ltd. was established by Dr Paul Kelly PhD and Dr Danielle Wootton PhD in 2011 to provide services based on our unique combination of skills and experience. Combining this with our qualifications and our access to cutting-edge research, we aim to provide a breath of fresh air in business consultancy and training.

We provide:

A unique method of diagnosing pathology in the way your business or organisation operates, along with a treatment plan for remedial action. Our approach is derived from Dr Kelly's PhD thesis, where this method was invented and used for real life scenarios. Most businesses have a grip on the quantitative aspects of their organisation, such as finance, but the qualitative aspects may be neglected. In addition, problems may remain hidden or ignored and special tools, such as ours, may be required to uncover them. We believe that it is very difficult to use this tool without experience and a deep knowledge of its underlying philosophy, which is why it is only available here from the inventor. We refer to this tool as the "Milford Methodology." Milford Methodology is copyright and is the intellectual property of Dr Paul Kelly.

We also provide training. Whilst we are aware that there are numerous providers of such services, we believe that our histories, knowledge and experience allow us to offer you something unique.  We provide a service that comes to you. Whether your venue is a lecture theatre, a training room, or a conference, we can provide presentations, training and courses that meet your needs. 

Looking for something different?

We are based in beautiful Dorset, on the South coast of England, far from the influence of the City and the big institutions. We genuinely believe that beautiful landscapes and the immediacy of the natural world allow us to think and solve problems differently and more effectively. We try hard to be as ethical and socially responsible as we can in what we do, and we extend that philosophy to the services we provide.  

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