Milford Professional Solutions Ltd. was established by Dr Paul Kelly PhD and Danielle Wootton in 2011 to provide services based on our unique combination of skills and experience. Combining this with our qualifications and our access to cutting-edge research, we aim to provide a breath of fresh air in the provision of education and training in the areas of leadership, innovation and staff management. Danielle has vast experience in teaching and training, and Paul has in-depth knowledge of dental practice/small business (he has worked in 21 practices, including his own). We provide a service that comes to you. Whether your venue is a lecture theatre, a training room, or a conference, we can provide presentations, training and courses that meet your needs. We are currently working on a variety of online solutions to meet your needs.

Contact us on 0759 4573885 or directly email Dr Paul Kelly (pklocum@hotmail.co.uk) or Dr Danielle Wootton (daniellewootton@hotmail.co.uk)